Paza la Paz

It is a project aimed at young people between 14 and 28 years old in a situation of social vulnerability. It seeks to contribute to the construction of peace and the transformation of social conflict in Colombia, generating opportunities for the empowerment and inclusion of young people.

6 great reasons to join us!

Develop teamwork and conflict resolution skills

Increase confidence in yourself and others

Recognize the values, criteria and attitudes of a YMCA leader: inclusive, sensitive to the needs of others, and socially responsible

Positively impact your community

Find your vocation and identify entrepreneurial opportunities for young people

Get Involved in youth community organization and participation in civil society

Join the change!

Regions in Colombia

To achieve this, training processes are carried out with innovative methodologies based on experiential education, in three specific areas of work:

Peaceful Coexistence and Conflict Resolution

Young people are trained as mediators and peacemakers and offer peaceful solutions to conflicts in their families, schools and communities.

Youth Organisation and Participation in Civil Society

Young people strengthen their citizenship education which contribute to their civic and political awareness  and prepare them for influencing social change. 

Youth Entrepreneurship

Young people participate in specific training that allows them to strengthen their entrepreneurial profile and develop Income generation projects.

Places in which the project is developed

Experiences of young people in Paza la Paz

Anyul Alvarado

This is the life history of a young girl  which was transformed by Paza la Paz.


This is a Youth Initiative that promotes peacebuilding in vulnerable communities through art and theater.


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